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Installing Replacement electric Water Heaters for Brevard County Clients

Whether you enjoy a hot shower after a long day at work or you need warm water to wash your hands and dishes, a quality heating unit is an integral component for any building. When it’s time to replace your current natural gas model or upgrade to a tankless design, you need a plumber with experience in electric​ water heater repair and installation. For nearly 40 years, Brevard County residential, commercial and industrial customers have trusted East Coast Plumbing Co. Inc. for service and maintenance of these important appliances, and we can make sure that you always have hot water whenever you turn on the tap.

Common Issues

If you aren’t getting hot water out of your faucet, a plumbing company can tell you whether you require service or a complete replacement. The solution could be something as simple as an extinguished pilot light or clogged line, which can both be repaired. For buildings where the heat runs out relatively quickly, the culprit could be a dirty burner or sediment at the bottom of the holding area. Rust on the outside of the tank might be the precursor to a dangerous leak, but you could also have unseen oxidation inside the unit. Symptoms of interior rusting include an orange discoloration to heated water. If you experience any of these situations with your electric or propane heater, call a professional as soon as possible.

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